Have you ever seen a magician and thought, “Hey, this guy is terrible!”  Well, he’s probably one of a growing number of “You Tube Kiddies” that think once they “learn the secret” behind a magic trick they can run right out and amaze the throngs of people desperate to appreciate their unique brand of entertainment.

They’re wrong!  Knowing how a trick works and being able to successfully entertain someone with said trick are two completely different things.  That’s where The Magic Book Report comes in.

This blog is dedicated to promoting how one can really learn to perform magic–BY READING BOOKS!  From technical nuances to performing advice, books are one of the last places where “the good stuff” is just waiting to be found.

Each month (or as frequently as time permits) a new book will be put under the microscope and several routines from the book will be performed.  And yes, I do understand the irony of using video to promote book learnin’.  Video is the best way to reach out to those that use it as their sole basis of seeing effects performed. 

If even one person gets turned on to the great stuff that is in books then it’s all been worth it.  Actually, it’s going to take a lot more than one person for this to have been worth it, but you know what I mean.

Let the games begin.