Here is a version of Triumph that borrows heavily from Pit Hartling and Denis Behr, two German magicians that have produced some of the most deceptive material I’ve had the privilege to come across.

My small additions are using two cards instead of one, the selection and control procedures (the cards really can be selected by the spectator from anywhere in the deck), and without any apparent control, having those cards appear together in the deck. However, most of the methodology is taken from the gentlemen named above.

Have been doing this for a while but decided to record it after seeing a thread on the Magic Cafe regarding the most deceptive version of Triumph. Does this qualify? Doubt it.

All of the well-received versions of Triumph have strong points and weak points. It is up to the performer to stress the strong points and minimize the weak ones. The most deceptive version of Triumph is the one that preys on the existing assumptions of the viewer.

Like most other versions this has a few very strong points and if presented properly can be made into a very deceptive card trick. Hope you like it.

Triumph from Steven Keyl on Vimeo.