Whether you’re ringing in a full deck stack or a gimmicked deck, having numerous methods available to get them into (and out of) play is essential. Roberto Giobbi’s book is a delightful read that will have you wanting to come up with more effects that require a deck switch just so you can start using some of them!

One point I neglected to make in the video review is that the switches he covers in the book aren’t just subtle variations on a theme which was my fear when I bought it. Rather, there are radically different methods employed, all of which are fully motivated and natural. Of course, there is similarity in some of the methods but most of the switches he discusses are more dissimilar than not.

Full of practical ideas that all types of performers will be able to use.

The explanation to the trick is covered below. The password is contained in the review above. I tried to make it as Google-resistant as possible. We’ll see…