This video shows my presentation for a marvelous effect called Photo Prediction. It incorporates random chance and spectator choices to arrive at an outcome that could not have been predicted–but it is!

My purpose in linking to this video is two-fold. First, it shows just one of the possibilities with an app like this one. Second, this is the first part of a series of blog posts discussing how to make optimal use of multiple outs via a binary system.

In the case of Photo Prediction there are 120 outs and for someone like myself that appreciates the elegance of binary mathematics that is far too few! For most people though, 120 is too many because, as several magicians have expressed to me, “How in the world can I remember all of the possible combinations?!?”

Enter multiple out via binary counting. This is a simple way to use hundreds, or even thousands, of multiple outs which only requires the ability to add simple sets of numbers together.

Many magicians are unfamiliar with this technique so I thought I’d create a multi-part study on understanding and using these binary systems to create your own effects.

The video above unfortunately wasn’t clear in showing either the real tabled results or the photo prediction itself. Trust me, the prediction is a spot on match for all of the outcomes, and it always will be. How? Find out in A Study of Multiple Outs, Part 2. To be continued…