If you’re a fan of Cardwarp or just birthday shopping for someone who is, then look no further than The Cardwarp Tour by Jeff Pierce.

Roy Walton’s Cardwarp is the seminal topological effect amongst card magicians and why shouldn’t it be? It’s quite a compelling effect that lends itself to a multitude of presentations and handlings–many of which are captured right here in Pierce’s The Cardwarp Tour.

Nitpicks aside (refer to video) this book is an excellent representation of the current state of the Cardwarp plot. There are a number of excellent handlings and presentations. Even those with well established routines will find a number of things to like.

My personal favorites are listed in the video so no need to rehash them here. But something I neglected to mention are a couple of essays, one of which talks about how to make your presentation more effective regardless of which handling you ultimately decide on. That particular essay struck a chord with me and I’m going to be modifying my handling appropriately.

Cardwarp is an effect I’ve enjoyed performing for years but this book opens up additional presentation and handling ideas. Whether you’re a Cardwarp veteran or just stumbled across this little gem, pick up the Cardwarp Tour now and let ‘er rip!

And by the way, if you’re looking for a new drinking game–grab a drink anytime I use the word “presentation”. You’ll be drunk before the video is over.