High Spots by Caleb Wiles is a book containing less than a dozen card effects but if you’re a card guy you will find use for at least one of the gems inside its pages.

From a nice false cut to a blackjack effect to a great ACR presentation to a handling for Paul Harris’ Reset (which Paul himself has said is the best he’s ever seen), this book has a good deal to offer.

Speaking of Reswindled, here is Caleb performing the effect:

My personal favorite is 26! That actually means “26 factorial”. It doesn’t mean that you are supposed to loudly shout out the number. If the U.S. wasn’t getting its educational ass kicked by every other 1st world country on Earth, I wouldn’t have to clarify that point… Back to the effect. It’s a stunner, it’s a fooler and it will leave your spectators amazed. This is the effect that is “worth the price of the book.”

This is a nice quick Blackjack effect. Not much to say about this one. Just watch it.

This one is much better when a spectator actually gets to choose which 4-of-a-kind are produced. When I’m making the selection in front of a lifeless camera, it’s like driving to work–sure, you can tell people about it, but no one really cares.

This one hurts. As mentioned in the review, it’s my current favorite to perform with a stranger card. However, this trick should take about 2 minutes beginning to end to perform. My rambling exposition results in this video weighing in at just over 6 minutes!! Ridiculous. The real benefit of video is that you can go back and critique yourself. This video was one of the very first times I’d performed it. Since then, I’ve used this quite a bit and have the script down to a tight 2 minutes. Less talk, more magic. This rendition is certainly not unwatchable but it’s something you won’t want to watch a second time through. My pledge to anyone who watches this–I will work hard to get better. Great trick, though.

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