This book stands out in the rainbow of magic literature in that it focuses on a method rather than an effect. Take Thomas Baxter’s “Open Prediction Project.” There you have 52 different methods for a single effect. Same is true for “Best of All Worlds”–many methods for a single effect. “Switch” turns this idea on its head by providing dozens of effects and presentations for a single method–the bill switch.

John Lovick has provided the most comprehensive treatise the bill switch has ever seen. He has dissected…nay, vivisected, all of the elements of the bill switch and laid them bare for anyone that has an interest in the plot. The first half of the book deals with the handlings, the second half with the presentations.

The list of contributors to this book is staggering. Most have freely given their commercial routines which focus on the bill switch as the primary method. What was most unexpected is how many terrific presentations exist which all use this same method. In the video review I didn’t use any of the presentations from the book. The presentations are the real value and I didn’t want to give any of them away for free. Trust me, they are worth the price of the book even without the dozens of handlings that are also included.

Since there are no separate demos I decided to show a couple of bill switches in the course of the review itself. My first take was 12:00 long so I decided to shorten it up…the second take was over 13 minutes. Decided to quit before I shortened it up to sitcom length.

If you are interested in this plot at all then pick up the book. It’s one of the things that you can always have in your wallet ready to go and, given the right presentation, can always be entertaining. See you next time.

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