This is a packet trick book full of diverse material–both in method and effect. The quality is high throughout the book and if you are a fan of packet tricks and don’t already own this book then shame on you. Don’t look like a dweeb at your next magic meeting. If someone asks you if you own the book, just lie and say yes.

This first video contains two things that I HATE in demos. First, the slow and methodical counting of cards onto each Ace. Second, the soundtrack music playing over the effect where you hear no one talking. This is not how effects are presented in the real world and I don’t like it when I’m subjected to it on video. So I thought I would have a little bit of sport with this presentation.

Having said that, my wife loved this video and she literally hates every other thing I’ve ever shown her–so what do I know?

As for the effect, it’s an ace assembly where the aces are odd-backed. A very nice effect.

Next up is an ungaffed, impromptu universal card plot. Lots of magic moments here. You really need to do this one with real people to fully appreciate how nice this is.

A cards-across plot involving two small packets of cards. This one was sold commercially as a stand-alone effect (and still is, I believe).

Another interesting take on the ace assembly. Please forgive my sh***y J***** C****s. As I haven’t really worked my packet tricks in a while they are clearly not up to snuff. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, sit back, relax and enjoy the trick.

This last one you’ll be tempted to turn this one off before it’s finished…but don’t. If you don’t know the trick you’ll enjoy how it turns out.

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