Robert Pulver a.k.a. MagicBob has put together a book that is unique in the world of card magic in that it takes the large scale stage illusions and transfers them to the world of close-up card magic.

The upside of this book is that the effects are unique and well crafted. He goes to great lengths to explain how to make up the various gimmicks and provides scripting and routines for each effect.

Most of us card guys that read through this will find at least one or two effects that really strike us. Make up the gaffs/gimmicks and give them a try. Most of the required bits of business can be easily rung in/out during the course of a regular card set and no one would be any the wiser.

This first demo is based on Harry Houdini’s famous “Metamorphosis” effect. This is one of my favorite effects from the book and is a great example of how these stage illusions can play well in a close-up environment.

The second and final demo this month is based on Robert Harbin’s “Zig Zag Girl”. A nice effect that would be ideal for strolling magicians. Good on pocket space and easy to ring in and out.

If you’re interested in purchasing the book, you may do so here. Please bear in mind I have neither a personal affiliation with MagicBob nor a financial interest in the ebook.