Nearly all books that claim to provide hard hitting card magic while eliminating sleight of hand generally start with poor effects and work their way up to the “21 Card Trick” as a finale. Prepare to be very pleasantly surprised.

The Card Magic of Nick Trost dispenses with most slight of hand and replaces it with clever principles and devious subtleties. This allows one to really focus on presentation and not having to worry about “getting caught out.”

Even for dyed-in-the-wool sleight of hand guys, this is a book that seriously deserves your consideration. Why? Because it’s always good to have several powerful effects in your arsenal that don’t rely on your dexterity. Those spectators that stare at your hands as though they are in a trance can only provide that level of focus for so long. If you can start with a couple of these effects even the most ardent spectator will finally realize that there is nothing to catch… and that’s when you hit them with the heavy sleights.

This first effect is “worth the price of the book.” It’s a 2 deck coincidence effect that is very nice.

This effect is nearly identical to Darryl’s “Untouched.” I chose a slightly different handling for the video. A beautiful effect.

Here is an OOTW effect presented with only a small packet of cards.

This test conditions location is a very nice effect. In the demo I should have continued to keep my back to the spectator and had him cut and shuffle the cards. That is how it is supposed to look. My bad.

This is a false deal demo that is a delight to perform around the card table with friends or even gambling acquaintances. It gets me out of having to deal, which makes it a real treat.

The final effect is a nice little quickie. What is nice about this effect is that the spectator pulls a slug of cards out of the center of the shuffled deck and deals herself the Kings and Aces. Some very nice Trost thinking here.

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